Rogue inspectors knock on Fallowfield doors pretending to be insulation men

Police warn bogus council workers might be out to nick your laptops


Suspicious men claiming they work for an insulating company have been knocking on doors in Fallowfield today, asking to carry out inspections. 

Police are now warning students against the duo, who claim to be from “Greener Energy Consultancy” – a company which appears to have dissolved in 2013 and no longer exists.

The pair have been asking unusual questions about attic space, the number of bedrooms in the property – and have even even asked when the students tend to be in university and out of the house.

In one instance, the pair took photos of the house, asked if the residents wanted to buy an iPhone, and shouted “I hope you don’t get burgled, girls!” as they left.

The company the men claim to work for dissolved in 2013

The company the men claim to work for dissolved in 2013

Police have warned students that the men have claimed they need to come inside urgently to carry out a full inspection of the boiler, shower, windows, garden in order to “update insulation and double glazing in order to reduce gas and electricity bills.”

In one house of third years the supposed inspector persuaded himself to be let in,  reassuring the students that they had to check out the house before they called the landlord – which they promised they would do later.

They walked around the property whilst taking photographs and careful notes, looking into the garden, possibly sussing out a route in.

The girls said: “The guy seemed unprofessional, he was asking bizarre questions and even asked us if we were interested in buying an iPhone from him!”

The man left on a sadistic note, calling out: “I hope you don’t get burgled, girls!”

They immediately rang the police, who told the girls that they had received several calls about the suspicious situation, and assumed that the men were trying to target student houses.

The police came over immediately, taking statements from all of the students and took the sheet of paper that the men had given to take fingerprints. The two men had also left their name and number, which are currently untraceable.

The document that the men left with the students was taken by the police for evidence

The document that the men left with the students was taken by the police for evidence

The officer mentioned that the strange men had been over to other student houses that day, commenting on which brand of laptops the students had as well as enquiring if they had cars.

The first man was described as having brown eyes, a bald head, goatee beard and was around 5″9. The second man was slightly taller and stockier, with mousey brown hair and a distinctive small patch of missing hair on the back of his head.

And this isn’t a new occurrence – landlords have been warning students for a while about letting people who claim to work for the council into their house that they have not been warned about.