Student Pets: Rilla’s whirlwind adventure in Fallowfield

Introducing this week’s BPOC

The endearing Rilla enjoyed a tumultuous two week holiday on Latchmere Road, with ups and downs – before being heartlessly evicted from the home by the cruel estate agents of Jordan Fishwick.

But her impact was certainly felt in the Fallowfield community and she leaves a popular and fondly remembered pet.

Rilla having a kip

Name: Rilla

Age: One and a half years old

Breed: Half Staffordshire Bull Terrier, half Labrador

Rilla caught staring out the window once more

Rilla 10

One of Rilla’s pieces on the side

Rilla 9

Another one of Rilla’s exploits

Rilla 12

Rilla enjoys female attention too

Rilla 15


Sex: Female Likes: Male attention – and lots of it Dislikes: Duffy stealing her food

Relationship Status: Only in Manchester for two weeks, so looking for a holiday romance at the most

Ambition: To eventually rip up her toy rabbit Hobbies:

Using Ali’s room as an en suite and staring at pedestrians from the window


Rilla 13

Rilla after a heavy one

Her nemesis – the rabbit

Rilla 3

Rilla showing no mercy whatsoever

Rilla shows no signs of slowing down


A face of guilt