Hurricane set to wreak havoc in Manchester tomorrow

Expect 50-70 mph winds from Hurricane Gonzalo

Hurricane Manchester News storm wind

A fallout from a violent hurricane is predicted to rip through Manchester tomorrow morning.

Vicious Hurricane Gonzalo is travelling towards the North West coast from the Atlantic after battering Bermuda on Friday with gusts of up to 105 mph.

An average of 50 mph winds can be expected – but this could rise to 70 mph as the storm passes over the city, especially in higher areas.

Hurricane Gonzalo: Make sure to wrap up warm for your 9AM lecture


Most of the rain will have died down by 6AM but there will still be a lot of water on the roads which could cause spray.  Drivers have been advised to be extremely careful on the roads.

The Met Office have issued a yellow warning which is quite low. However because it is still the middle of autumn there could be a considerable amount of debris on the roads which could cause traffic jams and bus delays.

The passing of the bad weather on Wednesday should leave Manchester noticeably colder so make sure you have a winter coat at the ready.