Siriusly fun: PotterSoc hosts sorting ceremony

Slytherin come out on top

Wannabe wizards in the Harry Potter society hosted a sorting ceremony this week – with “Slytherin My Chamber of Secrets” coming out on top. 

The society’s first event of the year was on Tuesday, at a bar in the Northern Quarter –  and some members even turned up in full robes.

Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff cocktails

PotterSoc got their wands at the ready to fill Odd Bar for an evening of quizzes, cocktails and a start-of-year sorting ceremony.

But by 9:30, the venue was packed solid, posing a Sirius problem as newcomers were shown the Dumble-door.

For those who made it in, the evening kicked off with a charming sorting ceremony, in which new members were sorted into Houses based on a special society sorting quiz. Sadly there was no hat.

The event also boasted a set of four House Cocktails: orange flavour for Gryffindor, apple for Slytherin, blueberry for Ravenclaw, and lemon, pineapple and cherry for Hufflepuff.

Revellers were advised to wear their House’s colours, with some even turning up in full Hogwarts robes.

Ravenclaw, Slytherin, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff cocktails

Following on, the wizards and witches sorted themselves into teams for the pub quiz. Knowledge of spells, quotes, Quidditch, and anagrams was tested, and the quiz ended in a tense sudden death (eater) final round.

Slytherin My Chamber of Secrets came out as (tri-wizard) champions, with the Fizzing Quizbees in second, and Team Ravenclawsome in third.

The PotterSoc committee have promised a larger venue next time, as they found out size does matter.