Warehouse Project bans MAN BAGS from Store Street venue

Sexist dress code has ‘nothing to do with drugs policy’


They were the sartorial innovation of 2005, blending practicality with metrosexual flare.

But now, man bags have been sensationally BANNED from The Warehouse Project.

The new ban means men sporting bags will be refused entry – and WHP bosses have told The Tab it has “nothing to do with drugs policy”.

Alpha student at Leeds Metropolitan showcases his Nike Manbag

Alfa sporting his Nike Manbag

They’ve already banned liquid make-up and perfumes – but now men have become the latest victims of WHP’s strict dress code.

According to their website, man bags, along with illegal substances, flares, fireworks and weapons, are not allowed to be carried into the Store Street rave.

The famous drug-infested party made headlines last year after a dodgy batch of MD made its way into the venue, but WHP bosses insist the bag ban has nothing to do with a drug crackdown.

They told The Tab: “This has nothing to do with the drugs policy” and would not comment any further.

Ant Cornish, Middle Eastern student and dedicated Warehouse raver is gutted by the decision. He said: “I sometimes need a pouch at Warehouse if I don’t want to keep having to check my stuffs in my pockets and to keep my shades in.”

WHP restricted list on FAQ page

WHP restricted list on FAQ page

Girls are angry about the bizarre decision too. Roxanne, told The Tab: “If girls are allowed bags in then it’s very sexist.”

Many revellers have spotted men sporting bags at previous events – and suspected the worst.

Georgie said: “Men with bags are weird, bum bags on guys are 90% drug dealers.”

Rick thinks the typical drug dealer’s man bag of choice is Louis Vuitton. He said: “The LV gangster bags are primarily used by those who wish to sell narcotics at the site.

“Everyone who isn’t foolish enough to buy there, especially after last year’s incidents, will already have their gear for the night. So the amount of gurns won’t get lower.”


Last year’s opening party ended in tragedy with a 30-year-old man died after taking MD. And a month later, a 32-year-old woman fell into into a coma after taking drugs at the old Victoria Warehouse venue.

Last February a teenager was sentenced to 30 months in jail for trying to sell £240 worth of ecstasy from his sunglasses case.