Violent thug hits paramedic with shampoo bottle

The mid-afternoon attack was completely unprovoked

A binge-drinking thug attacked a paramedic who came to help her – with a shampoo bottle. 

Angry Leyla Fletcher, who was named Kevin but now lives as a woman, assaulted the paramedic when they were called to help her at in the middle of the afternoon earlier this month.

Members of public called an ambulance when they thought Fletcher was having a fit – before she attacked them in back of an ambulance.

Image: Manchester Evening News

Image: Manchester Evening News

A court heard that for the last 12 months, 36-year-old Fletcher had been attempting to proceed with failed gender reassignment surgery.

Magistrates were told that Fletcher had “personal difficulties” after she began binge drinking to cope with the emotional distress and abuse.

Fletcher was found on the floor at St. Mary’s Parsonage in the city centre after emergency services were called to tend to reports of a female having a fit.

She was transferred into a wheelchair, before being put into the back of the ambulance.

Shortly after, Fletcher was arrested after throwing a bottle of shampoo at paramedic Paul Ogden, hitting him on the head and kicking him in the shin.

Fletcher pleaded guilty to assault at Manchester Magistrates’ court.

Director of Emergency Service for North West Ambulance Service, Derek Cartwright told Manchester Evening News: “Our message is that we will always push for those who assault crews to receive the maximum sentence allowed.”

Despite this, the court imposed a conditional discharge, with Fletcher having to pay to £200 compensation to her victim.

Her lawyer told the court: “This was a one off…the defendant will never be before the court again”.