Ricky Hatton spotted partying with freshers in Sakura

A fight broke out at and he didn’t get involved

Manc boxer Ricky Hatton has been spotted mingling with freshers in Sakura.

The welterweight champion partied alongside student clubbers on Monday at the packed out Deansgate Locks bar.

A fight even broke out while the he was there – but ripped Ricky was too busy taking snaps with starstruck students to throw any punches.

Police were called to Deansgate at 2.50am on Tuesday morning to attend to a fight between 40 people outside popular club Sakura.

A man was injured in a fight at Deansgate Locks on Tuesday as Ricky Hatton partied in Sakura

The fight, that put a 20 year old man in hospital, began inside the club before it escalated and continued outside. The man was later discharged after being treated for minor injuries including puncture wounds to his torso.

Unaware of the conflict, Ricky Hatton danced the night away in a number of the bars at Deansgate Locks, including Sakura, where the fight broke out.

His appearance at the Manchester club sparked interest amongst other clubbers, with many of them tweeting about it.



Detective Sergeant Phil Marsh told Manchester Evening News: “We don’t know what sparked the incident this morning but it would have been scary for anyone caught up in it. We have no reports of any major injuries and we are trying to establish if any weapons were used”.

Police have since released an appeal for witnesses of the fight.

Information should be reported to the police on 0161 856 3221, or anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.