Everyone is raving about WHP’s return to Store Street

It’s all about the “intimate vibes”

Students are getting pumped for WHP’s return to Store Street.

The legendary rave kicks off this weekend back at it’s spiritual home underneath Piccadilly Station.

Thousands were left heartbroken earlier this year when each gig sold out, but now jammy ticket holders have been raving about store streets more intimate venue.

We took to the streets of Manc to see what YOU think about WHP moving back.

Megan - going to Fatboy Slim

Megan – going to Fatboy Slim (she does own shoes)

“I’m really excited for it, having less tickets makes it more exclusive, and the small venue is more intimate so you’ll get closer and a better experience.”

Scarlett, second year English Lit

Scarlett – knows what it’s really about

“It’s disappointing that the tickets were so limited so loads of people missed out, but for people who’ve not been to Store Street before it’ll be exciting to get a feel of what WHP’s really about.”

Alex - going to MK

Alex – going to MK

“I think it’ll be better, I’ve been before and it was the best venue they ever had. The new one was too big so it felt more like a festival, which was good but just oversized. It’s so much less of a pain to get to as well.”

Shannon - 'life is one big party, I'm always ready for it' haha okay mate..

Shannon – ‘life is one big party, I’m always ready for it’ haha okay mate..

“As long as it delivers like last year I’m not bothered. You can take WHP out of the venue, but not the venue out of WHP, so Store Street’s crazy rep means it should be good.”

Kim - disappointed at the move

Kim – disappointed at the move

“I think it’s a bad idea going back to the smaller venue. The big one was good and meant there was less stress about tickets because there were more. I was busy when they were released so by the time I realised they were gone.”

Will - going to Hudson Mohawk

Will – going to Hudson Mohawk

“I’ve never been to Store Street before, but I’m hoping a smaller crowd will mean a more intense atmosphere. I’m looking forward to checking it out.”

Helena - keeping the faith for tickets

Helena – keeping the faith for magic tickets

“From what I’ve heard from people who went before, Store Street was much better than Victoria Warehouse –  it had a more intimate and exclusive vibe. I tried to get tickets but didn’t manage, not giving up hope yet though.”

Claire - concerned about the 'spiritual home'

Claire – concerned about the ‘spiritual home’

“I think last year it was overpriced and overhyped. It lost its soul when it moved to such a big place, but hopefully with it moving back to the small venue it might get it back.”

Oscar - his t-shirt says it all

Oscar – his t-shirt says it all

“Moving it’s a good idea. Last year it was too big, and too easy to lose people. It had a good atmosphere but the crowd was crazy. It’d be nice to get closer to the music without having to plough through a load of drunk/drugged up pricks.”

The tickets are sold out, but the ones you CAN grab still are the Afterlife tickets for the official after parties at South nightclub running until an eye-widening 7.30am.

Are you as excited as this man? You should be

Are you as excited as this man? You should be

With its 10 year anniversary just around the corner next year, and no doubt a twist planned for it along the lines of putting Steve Aoki on Mars, the tension is high to see what they will deliver both in 2015 and at the old Store Street location this year.

All we can say is, bring it on.