Drive-by pizza theft in Fallowfield leaves man hungry

Imagine if this happened to you

This is the moment a man waits for the bus, unaware he is about to be robbed.

The video, filmed from the back of a car, shows late-night revellers standing at a bus stop in Fallowfield.

One man holds a pizza, presumably ready to chow down after a night out.

But imagine his horror when a car passes and a man leans out of the passenger window to pinch his pie.

The assailant is poised to snatch the pizza box

In seconds, the white shirted man’s pizza dreams are dashed as a fuzzy chinned thief plucks the box from between his fingers.

Laughing like tickled hyenas, the vile beast and his accomplices show off the box to the camera.

The white shirted man will never know this meaty delight

The Manchester Evening News reports that the pizza in question was a Domino’s Meat Feast, although the type of dip included is unknown.