Spencer Matthews: ‘I love Manchester, mate’

He was presumably taking a break from the pressures of London life

Made in Chelsea love rat Spencer Matthews was gallivanting around the streets of Manchester in the early hours of Monday morning.

Spenny was spotted on his way to Tiger Tiger around midnight for the Manchester Freshers’ welcome party.

Matthews looking absolutely delighted to be in the picture

Spennydog looking delighted to be in the picture

Cruising with a handful of his boys, Spencer, 26, wasn’t keen to stay for a chat but he did reveal that he “absolutely loves Manchester” and “could not wait” to get to the club.

The organisers at Tiger Tiger didn’t advertise a celeb appearance at the club, suggesting that Spenny was simply curious to check out the capes on display at the superhero-themed night.

Unfortunately the wealthy tearaway did not comment on his favourite comic-book hero.

It’s not the first time that the West London lothario has graced The Tab.

Previously the hotel fortune heir has bared his jewels, shagged a student, and was fooled in a brilliant STD prank.

See you next time.