Here comes the sun: Manchester’s hottest freshers week in years

Freshers, you’re in for a scorcher


It’s heating up in Manchester this week with temperatures soaring to 23 degrees. 

According to BBC Weather the sunshine isn’t here to stay, fading to a cloudy Monday with temperatures ranging from 10-16 degrees, so make the most of it while you can.

Third year PPE student Hani Legris can’t wait catch some rays this the sun this week. He said: “This is the first freshers I’ve actually been able to walk around in shorts without getting freezing or drenched in rain, it’s brilliant.”

And it’s not just Hani, third year Laura Reid tells us she’s spent the last day topping up her post holiday tan on her front doorstep (don’t ask): “I actually burnt yesterday, it’s September!”, and final year Chemistry student Ben Marshall claims he’s never known it to be this warm during freshers’: “It’s proper ice cream weather.” That it is, Ben.

The streets of Fallowfield are bursting with people who have dragged their hungover selves out of bed to bask in the sunshine.

Pubs gardens are filled to the brim, all the bottles of still water were sold out of the Costa by Uni and this years Freshers fair was a hot, crowded sauna.

It’s foretasted to stay like this for the majority of the week (excusing a splash of rain this Saturday) but it wouldn’t be Manchester without it pissing it down, would it?