Pervert cleaner caught spying on female staff in Manchester Uni toilet

Cleaner Billy To has confessed to two counts of voyeurism

A pervert cleaner has admitted to voyeurism after being caught peering at uni staff while they were on the toilet.

“Peeping Tom” Billy To was caught red faced in the Simon Building earlier this year when female staff spotted his head lurking over a cubicle wall.

Now, To, 44, has been forced to confess to his bizarre compulsion to uni bosses – and compensate the women involved.

Picture: MEN

To, from nearby Cheetham Hill, was caught in the act on 28th January, when a 40-year-old female member of uni staff saw his head “slowly appear” above a cubicle in Uni’s science building on Oxford Road.

Manchester Crown Court heard how the woman cried out and To quickly ducked out of sight. But To was later dobbed in when the victim bumped into him outside the ladies’ loo – and recognised his hair.

And it wasn’t the first time the father of three was caught out – another woman was left startled as they spotted the top of To’s rearing head only a month before.  On 2nd December, a second 33-year-old female member of staff – but she had not been able to catch him.

Now, To has been forced to come clean about his bizarre habit, and award each of the women £100 in compensation.

Where To was caught: Manchester Uni’s Simon Building

Students at the University have been left shocked by this news. Gemma Lenik, a Law student who has had lessons in the Simon Building, said: “It’s very unnerving that a trusted member of staff would violate privacy to that extent.”

Medical student, Charlotte Staley said: “That’s horrible! There would be a lot of room for him to hide in there though, they’re really big toilets!”


To has now been ordered to compensate both victims after he pleaded guilty to two counts of voyeurism on the day his trial was due to commence.

Judge Martin Rudland said: “There’s nothing to suggest you constitute danger to the public, you just committed a foolhardy act.”

He sentenced To with a conditional discharge on each count and ordered him to pay £100 to each of the “wronged” women.