I’m going to Parklife and I won’t be taking MD

It’s a cliche but it’s true – you don’t need drugs for a good time

I haven’t touched a single drug in my whole life. My reason? I’ve never felt the need or desire in 20 years, and I doubt I ever will.

I'll stick to diet coke, thanks

I’ll stick to diet coke, thanks

Firstly I would like to clarify that this does not mean I judge people who take drugs and I certainly would never try to stop people from doing them either. I’m an open-minded person and even though nothing has happened to the people I am close to, the thought of something going wrong is always a concern on my mind.

Before I arrived at uni, countless people – mainly students and recent graduates – have told me of the drug lifestyle which university, particularly Manchester, revolves around.

It’s not that I’m sheltered from it. During the day plenty of people I know smoke weed and they go for harder stuff in the evening.

But I do think the role of drugs in student life is overstated. Although I have seen this side of university I believe the necessity to take drugs and the volume of people which take them has been rather exaggerated. This impression people have of the uni lifestyle often subtly gives freshers and those applying the idea they will take drugs even before they have time to settle in.

With Parklife just around the corner I know a large amount of people who will be snorting all sorts to ensure the can last the marathon and enjoy the event to the full potential. And even once the main event ends, a lot of people will rely on their gear to get through the after parties.

parklife 2013

Like I said, I won’t be judging any of my friends and even people I have never met before. But just because I am not taking drugs for Parklife this does not mean I will not be able to have a good time myself. I will, for the large part of the festival, be drinking to “let myself go” in a way that I have trusted and felt comfortable with since I was 17 .

Good enough for me

Good enough for me

And even with drink, I have seen the problems it causes and the reasons why people decide not to drink are clear. I am aware though that people will often be quick to claim that drink is considered worse than most drugs and there can often be a massive loss of control or decision-making. My response would carry the points mentioned above – I feel comfortable when drinking and as I don’t judge you, you should not judge my actions either.

Over the last few years I have attempted to enjoy nights sober, by not taking anything that would effectively enhance my experience, and I can assure you that it isn’t easy. I have often felt on a different level to my friends.


I know drinking can be worse than drugs

And when I do speak to people about drugs I am always  curious to understand what experience they had and, not in a judgmental way, understand maybe why they take them. I would never expect people to justify why they take drugs but if they do feel the need or become defensive I always listen and appreciate their opinion.

This article may seem negative but I have not written it to make you feel guilty for taking drugs or put a downer on the amazing weekend ahead. It was simply to open the eyes to people that maybe drugs and drink is not always the essential ingredient to have a good time.