I use sunbeds and I don’t care

5 reasons why UV rays are good for you

You wouldn’t fit in at Manchester if you didn’t saunter around with that ‘just in from Monaco’ perma-glow. So, when your obsession for looking like a posho starts getting out of hand, here’s some reasons to keep telling yourself that the beds aren’t all that bad.

1. Sunbeds are good for your skin

Sunbeds make us happy

While studies have found that sunbeds increase your risk of skin cancer, I have found that they decrease your risk of a bad skin day. During exams is when we need this the most, sunbeds allow you to binge on chocolate then combat the spots with some vitamin D. Its a bit like Berocca, “Your skin, but on a really good day.

2. Other things give you cancer too

Think of it this way, if you smoke you are already at risk of cancer, so why not really throw the dice. It’s a strange thing, for people who smoke ten a day or more, to take such a strong stance against sunbeds. Smoking will also increase your risk of cancer and it won’t make your spots any better.

3. You look brown when everyone else is either orange or white

Lets be honest, fake tan never looks real. Even if you use one of those mitt things, there will always be a streak or a patch somewhere across your back. If you get a spray tan, you only belong in one place, Essex. Looking like an English Rose is an attractive look, but not in Summer. Do you want everyone to know that you spent your Easter in the library and not on a yacht? The best thing about sunbeds is they make you look brown, for one simple reason, the tan is real. FYI using sunbeds is not cheating.

4. A cure for claustrophobia

This is fine

If you have a fear of small spaces, there is no better way to cure this than by lying in tube surrounded by light. Think about it, next time you get locked in a cupboard with the light on, you’ll be as cool as a cucumber. You’ll also be tanned.

5. A valuable napping opportunity

Around exam time we never really find the time for sleeping. Even after exams, sleep time will be scarce. So why not sleep while you tan, a 10 minute power nap is all you need.