Sportsbury’s: Sports you can play in Saino’s

From Paper Plate Frisbee to Pizza Curling, Sainsbury’s isn’t just a land of of delightful treats but a world with endless gaming possibilities

Providing alcohol and sufficient edible junk at an over priced rate, no wonder Sainsbury’s is a student’s number 1 place to be. However, the tab has found Sain’s to be far from an ordinary store, but the new place for pre-exam entertainment.

Paper plate Frisbee

Manchester BBQ season is clearly over, you may as well make use of  Sainsbury’s low sellers in a light non – competitive game of Frisbee. Paper plates are perfect for minimal collateral damage – you’ll have the whole of Sain’s joining in before you know it.


10 Pin Bowling

No need to invest in the posh plastic stuff. Shampoo bottles are pin-ready , grab a sufficiently round bowling cabbage and you’re set for one of Sainsbury’s finest bowling games the staff have ever seen.


Maybe a little harder next time…

Supermarket Sweep

Take your flat on a whistle stop tour of the 90’s and have your team fill a trolley with as much high end crap as possible. Winner takes all, of course the loosing team will be paying for it.


Pampers? Someone’s expecting…

Eating contest

Why would anyone turn down a game eating as much crap as humanly possible? Sain’s cafe is a must to host the dough-tastic event, set your timers to 30 seconds and have a fellow team member count how much crap you can fit in your mouth at once.


Doughnut anyone?

Pizza Curling

Topping off at the pizza isle? Pick up Sainbury’s basics for 50p and have a go at curling. If you’re strapped for cash, work you’re game around Sainbury’s cleaning schedule  – a clean floor will not only make your curling more efficient but you’ll be able to save the pizza for later. #thirdworldproblems


Keen on-looker inspired by student initiative

Trolley Rally

Action packed Sainsbury’s even provides its very own gaming equipment for £1 unlimited hire. The trolley is such a diverse object, it can be used for multiple competitive events, one of which could be a trolley rally. Create an indoor or outdoor course and decide on a mutual finishing point. Hold on tight, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.


Pillow fight

The deserted homeware isle is full of hidden gaming gems. Pillows for example are rarely bought from Sainsbury’s so what better do with them than have a playful pillow fight. You never know, your game could expand for whole-store entertainment.


Batten-berg relay

We’ve all wanted to try working against the Sain’s moving escalator – there’s no time like the present. Dodge the fellow onlookers with the delicious almond Batten in hand, two laps and its a race to the finish, winner takes all – the cake that is.


They want it so bad

OH, and please try not to get caught… We won’t accept responsibility if you do.


Look appetising