Pigeon in Purple: Watch the rise and fall of the Library pigeon

VIDEO: A courageous pigeon flaps around in Purple, is removed by security

JRUL security found themselves in a man versus bird scuffle on Wednesday when a pigeon decided to perch itself in a Library bookcase.


Revision sessions were brought to a standstill when the brave pigeon gracefully soared through an open library window.

The bird then nestled itself into a shelf in picturesque Purple area after playing a game of tig of with security.

The library heroes

But the fun didn’t last too long – and now a video has emerged showing the mission to remove the ballsy creature from the scene.

After a long struggle the offending bird was removed with library staff and students pigeon in.

And it looks like the valiant bird will be sorely missed by students, with many paying their respects on Facebook.


The Library pigeon has certainly made name for himself. Laura Fitzpatrick heard about the mayhem all the way in Blue when a security guard asked her if she’d seen a pigeon.

She told The Tab: “Someone from security was inspecting the open window before coming to my table and asking if we had seen a pigeon, to which pretty much everyone laughed. I had no idea until I saw speculation running rife on Facebook that this potential pigeon was actually in the library.”


Where will the pigeon set his sights on next? Early reports suggest he’s been ogling up an abandoned shelf in Green. We’d recommend the peaceful realms of Red, so long as he gets there early.