Salivalittle: Pull at 256 this weekend and they’ll give you your entry fee back

‘Why Always Lonely?’ is urging you to take part in their pulling challenge

Paid to pull? We’re listening.

Why Always Me, 256’s weekly Saturday event, has announced that if you pull in the venue this Saturday, you will get your entry fee back.

Classy joint

Classy joint

But you’ll have to prove you’ve done the deed. Only once you’ve tweeted a picture of yourself getting with a lucky guy/girl to @whyalwaysme256 can you claim your money.

Photo by Tom Jenkins // The Manc Photographer

So those lucky enough to cop off will have (almost) enough money to buy another drink.

It might sound like a sure fire way to pull, but could this be a recipe for disaster? Already, students are starting to wonder whether they’ll have to ruin innocent friendships to bag the money.

“I’m going with some of my female housemates” said Tom, a first year Law student, “but I’m worried that if I don’t find a stranger, I’ll end up getting with one of them. I really don’t want things to get awkward.”

Photo by Tom Jenkins // The Manc Photographer //

Others were less concerned. It is nearly the end of the year after all. Danielle Thomas, a first year Language student, said: “I’m in it completely for the money. I’ll be taking some boy mates and posing for pictures with all of them. Who knows, if I get one of them drunk enough maybe I could get lucky in more ways than one.”



And with money at stake, there are growing fears that 256 will turn into an unbearable kissing fest a few beers in.

Pucker up boys

Pucker up lads

If you’re more worried about posting a public photo of you pulling, let’s be honest, it’s not like your friend hasn’t secretly taken pictures of you on a Thursday night in Factory and Whatsapp’d their whole contact list.

Watch out boys

Watch out boys

And remember, since entry is usually free before 10pm, make sure you get there after to get your money’s worth. But be careful not to turn up too late in case all the talent has already been tapped up.