Eight things on your newsfeed no one cares about

Please be assured, if you post any of these things on your facebook wall, we don’t hate you, we just consider de-friending you on a daily basis.

Relationship ‘nightmares’

He cheated on you again? Just save it, we all know you’re going to be begging for him back tomorrow, and telling the whole of fb isn’t benefiting anyone. Save the drama for when your dog dies.


Must of been a real punch in the face

Diet Food Pictures

Don’t get me wrong, we really do enjoy the odd food pic, it gives us inspirational ideas, but we really don’t want to see or hear about your latest diet craze – it won’t last long, and quite frankly; we really don’t care…

food diet

Ambiguous Statuses about sadness

Your constant moaning is now breaching unbearable. You must have a hard life, but maybe go and see a counsellor instead of preaching to us about every ‘major’ life threatening event that comes your way.


Oh please please, do tell me what’s wrong

Wishing Happy Birthday to a younger relative

Now, are you actually being serious? Since when were 3 year olds allowed to have facebook? In fact, scratch that- I bet you a tenner you can’t find one that can read.

Happy Birthday
Like if you love, ignore if you hate

My best friend is the best, she really is, but this does not mean I am going to like your stupid picture, and it really doesn’t mean that she’s going to call me up in hysterics because I chose not to do so.

like if you love

Endless selfies

These serious selfies test every instagram filter imaginable, accompanied by a pout the selfie producer thinks they can sprinkle happiness into everyone’s life. I don’t think an explanation is necessary into why that would never happen.


“Bad day? Here’s a picture of me to make you feel better!”

‘Original’ bands

Omg guys you haven’t heard of them?! This is life changing material! – Cue YouTube link to beanie loving skinny-jeaned guy hold guitar…


Hey Jude, don’t be afraid…

Generally weird statuses

There are just some statuses out there that do more than raise eyebrows. You wonder what these people are actually doing with their lives. They must be sat inside all day thinking of these bizzar statuses- where else would they find the time to come up with these things?

Medieval battlefield

What even?!?!