Clucking hell! Legendary Chicken King goes for up for sale

Wilmslow Road’s hottest joint is spotted on the market

Not found anywhere to live in next year? The Chicken King could be looking for a new heir to the throne.


Chicken King, Fallowfield’s favourite takeaway, is up for sale.

A search on Zoopla, the property search website, reveals that our much loved chicken champion of Wilmslow Road is on the market.

The listing on Zoopla

The listing on Zoopla

For £500,000, the commercial property with bold red interiors comes with all the fixtures and fittings will all know and love, as well as a flat upstairs.



The space upstairs even boasts five spacious bedrooms and a groovy zebra-print themed kitchen.



Shahz (the Chicken King) has become notorious in Fallowfield for serving high quality fried and peri peri chicken to Manchester students.

Spotted with a chick on his arm

Spotted with a chick on his arm

He’s known for offering up the ultimate fast food experience, allowing students to sit in the restaurant for hours and giving them a glimpse into the world of last night fast food by opening up his counter.

Winner winner chicken dinner

Winner winner chicken dinner

But with the entire unit for sale, does Fallowfield risk losing it’s most popular chicken shop, which would undoubtedly leave many local residents distraught?

The property jargon in the ad suggests we might not be seeing the back of Shahz just yet. The building is a ‘going conern’, which means owners intend to operate the restaurant for at least another year if someone snaps it up.


So we can expect at least another year of Shahz’s schmoozing. If we were ever left with a Chicken King sized whole on Wilmslow Road, there’s no uncertainty that it would be sorely missed.  Dan, a 4th year Medicine student who told The Tab: “Chicken King is a fundamental part of the student experience in Manchester and should be considered an essential institution.”

Will the lights soon go out for one last time?

Will the lights soon go out for the last time?

And a sudden loss of Chicken King is very unlikely, as according to Zoopla the joint has already been on the market since February last year. So it looks like stepping into a Chicken King’s shoes is too daunting a prospect for most.

Could this be a cause for celebration for fellow legend Paz who’s been vying for the King of Fallowfield title for years?

Millie, a PPE finalist said she’d consider snapping the place up if it wasn’t for the teaching job she has lined up next year. She said: “If I’d know earlier I would have seriously considered buying the place. It wouldn’t be fair if Chicken King was sold and turned into something else.”

The fate of the King remains in the hands of potential investors. Until then, we should show our appreciation for our main man Shahz as much as we can.