Your mum texted, she wants you to go to Afterlife

Thousands of confused students receive odd message from their mothers promoting Parklife afterparty

Manchester students were left confused yesterday after receiving a message from their own mother – urging them to go to Afterlife.


Mum, what has happened to your grammar?

It’s not often that mums encourage the lash, but a text sent to students yesterday suggested you should make Afterlife your after party of choice.

WHP’s crafty marketing team are behind the promo gag that recommended the post Parklife event.

And understandably, students, already dazed from hefty revision sessions, have been left confused following the stunt.

Miss you too, Mum

But the authentic looking text, which signed off with three mumsy-kisses, and even demanded you be home for breakfast, managed to fall short at the grammar hurdle.

The WHP team clearly don’t know the difference between you’re and your – writing the wrong use of ‘your’ not once but twice.

A stellar line-up, to be fair

A stellar line-up, to be fair

It’s believed that the texts only targeted those who had bought tickets through the official site, who, as a ‘security measure’, were forced to give their phone number in order to purchase a ticket.

Parklife 2013

Parklife 2013

Manchester students responded to with mixed reviews. While many were shocked at first, when the realisation kicked in that it was not actually their mum, they soon saw the funny side of the message.

3rd year student and fellow Tab writer Toby Parkes was simply shocked when he saw the text from his mum, saying: “What are this?”

1st year Biology student Pete Harley was also left in shock and questioned his mum’s change in career: “Didn’t know my mum was in PR?”

And it wasn’t just Manchester Uni students who were caught up in the motherly promotion. Dave Poulton, a 2nd year Law student at the University of Nottingham received the text from his mum and was touched at first – before the reality hit him.

“At first I was touched by the friendly reminder from mum, clearly concerned I might not be partying hard enough. But later it dawned upon me that mum knows full well that couldn’t be the case, raising my suspicions. I have to applaud Parklife for some creative marketing”

But this radical promo wasn’t just aimed at the country’s student population. Members of the public also attending the popular festival at Heaton Park also fell foul to the gimmick, causing a negative backlash.

Many took to Twitter to express their anger and hurt, having lost their mum, branding the WHP team selfish and insensitive.

An official spokesperson for Parklife told The Tab:

“The Parklife Weekender issued a marketing SMS message to customers in preparation for the annual weekend festival next month.

“The festival organisers have been made aware that a small number of revellers may have been caused unnecessary personal distress by receiving this SMS and they would like to apologise to them directly. The marketing activity was only intended as an irreverent way to engage with festival goers and was in keeping with the overall tone of the Parklife Weekender.

“Organisers are looking forward to welcoming ticket holders to the event in June at Heaton Park, which is set to be the best Weekender yet.”

It’s not the first time the ‘mum’ technique has been used in Manchester. Almost Famous goers might recognise the tactic – the burger joint sends a text from ‘mom’ telling diners when their table is ready.