Here comes the sun! Heatwave soars to Manchester

Get ready for a scorcher! This could be the end of indoor revision as warm weather makes its way up North (for once)


After months of being drenched to the bone and then frozen solid, the weather is set to take a turn for the better.

Manchester students are in for treat as a heatwave is about to hit to city.


Get ready for this

The sun has already been brightening up our days periodically over the last couple of weeks, and now the good weather is set to continue.

The Met Office forecasts a heatwave that will take us to end of June – with temperatures reaching the mid and high 20s.

Hawaii here we come...

And embrace the summer fashion

So it could mean it’s time to get out your short shorts, dresses and sunglasses and slather on the sun tan lotion.

More of this

More of this

You might have exams coming up – but at least you can swap Green 2 for green grass and bask in the sun while you revise.

And if last year’s scenes are anything to go by, you’ll by lazing around on a very crowded Albert Square in the coming weeks.

gilbert sq

Exams? What exams?

So after a very wet and windy winter – we are in for a sizzling sunny summer.

March was the 15th sunniest on record, and now it looks like the sun’s sticking around.

Time to get your sunnies on

Bring on the summer sun!