The five types of exam you’ll sit this semester

Exam season is on its way in, and no one has any idea what’s going on. Here’s a head start on what you could expect…

The ‘wait, we learnt that?’ exam

Scrawled on a crumpled hand-out or a sly unheard comment made by the post-grad in your tutorials – either way you have no idea what half of the words mean and the only thing convincing you you’re in the right exam hall are your surrounding course mates.


The face says it all…

The ‘you’re expecting me to remember this?’ exam

Being the bane of your semester, this module was designed to make you find a dark corner and sit there till it’s all over.  There was no hope from the start and it was Uni’s way of saying ‘you are not here to enjoy your course!’


Hell no…

The ‘you want me to do what in 30 minutes?’ exam

You took this module because of the exam: short and sweet. Your dreams were shattered when realised you have to write several essays on The Theory of Evolution all in the lengthy time of thirty whole minutes.


You’re joking, right?

The ‘there’s no point turning up’ exam

You’ve spent your revision period moving between friends when they had their hour revision break, waving at those daring to enter AliG and gazing with a puzzled look at those who enter the library. Your colleagues question you calm relaxed spirit, yet you have the answer, the joy of the 50% coursework module.

Back to Manny

Chill guys, we got it…

The ‘end of year’ exam

An evil concoction of two semesters worth of information piled into a tree sized booklet of questions you do not know the answer to. But don’t fear, there’s light at the end of the tunnel – there’s only 4 weeks till it’s all over.