UoM boffins reveal the terrible truth about toothbrushes

Scientists at Manchester say your toothbrush could be hiding more germs than a dirty bathroom floor

Our toothbrushes are harboring up to ten million bacteria, including hundreds of different species such as E.Coli, according to boffins at The University of Manchester.

Yet more ground breaking research from The University of Manchester

Yet more ground breaking research from our beloved Uni

It has also been found that possible airborne diarrhoea-inducing germs can be finding their way into your mouth via the very instrument you use to keep it clean.

So before you blame that rumbling stomach on the dodgy curry you ate earlier, let’s take a look at some of the hard facts surrounding toothbrush hygiene that everybody should be made aware of.

Bog vicinity


Whenever you flush the toilet, bacteria fly out of the bowl and settle on anything and everything in their path, turning your toothbrush into a toilet brush in one simple flush. By removing it from the immediate toilet vicinity, you also remove the risk of APC (accidental poo consumption). A risk worth taking, if you ask me.

The five second rule


Apparently it doesn’t count when it comes to toothbrushes. But why? Think about it, on top of all that nasty fecal matter lurking around, your floor is also home to whatever you or anyone else tramples in from outside.

Toothpaste etiquette



Although sharing tooth paste between flatmates may seem like the more savvy, economical route to a healthy mouth, the truth is that this makes it easier for sicky-causing bacteria to be spread around. But the worst part of all? You’re practically making out with everyone you live with when you get up and before you go to bed. Now there’s a scary thought if ever I had one..

So now that you have the facts, here’s how to improve your toothbrush hygiene in a few simple steps

Always flush with the lid down


Sorry boys, the jury’s out on this one. Commence cheers from exasperated girlfriends everywhere!

Keep it sparkling


Soaking it in hydrogen peroxide or antibacterial mouthwash every once in a while will help keep bacteria at bay.

A toothbrush worthy of TOWIE.

Don’t share!

Hop on down to Sainsbury’s and invest in a tube Colgate. The extra cost may seem like a dent in your budget, but you’ll have the last laugh.