It’s official! We are the fittest uni in Manchester

Glory for ‘Uni of’ as Man Met fail at yet another aspect of life

Manchester University has swiped the crown in the ‘who is the fittest?’ competition.

We’re better at pretty much everything, and now we’ve officially pipped the poly to the post as the buffest uni in Manchester.


Single Stefan won the students of Manchester over

The chiselled-jawed boys of Manchester stormed to victory in The Tab’s vote last week.

And here’s a scientific breakdown of the win:

We scooped a huge 81% of the vote in last week’s poll, while it was an embarrassing defeat for MMU who only managed to rack up 126 votes.

So we’re not only just academically superior, we’re now officially physically superior too. And it’s hardly surprising with the likes of Markus, Merlin and Stefan on our side.

Model and medic Merlin was on team Manchester Uni


Our main man Markus looking smug after storming to victory

So it was unlucky for these boys:


So long Patrick

Bad luck Brian


Sorry Aaron