Owens Park Tower will actually be demolished

You heard it here first – UoM announce plans to obliterate Fallowfield’s favourite high rise



Uni has unveiled plans to revamp Owens Park campus – and they include demolishing the iconic tower.

You might have thought it was an April Fool, but now, in an incredible turn of events, the University of Manchester have revealed plans to axe Fallowfield’s legendary tower.

The 200-ft eyesore that everyone loves to hate will get the chop to make way for new state-of-the-art halls of residence, according to the new plans. It could bring an end to an impressive 49 year reign as Manchester’s tallest, dirtiest and shittest hall.

A (filthy) room with a view

So it could be time to say goodbye to the notorious tower challenge. The shot-fuelled race that pushes freshers and uni tourists to puking point could well be nearing its end.

Drinking games may now only take place closer to ground-level as the unsightly fortress will be demolished and replaced with a new swanky ‘student village’.

It’s all part of a £200 million master plan that will see 2,200 of the bare-breeze block rooms axed and then rebuilt. Another 800 rooms will be added to the city campus at Booth Street West.

No more of this?

But it’s not just OP tower under threat as Oak House and Ladybarn House will also be wiped out as part of the new plans.


The lure of the tower clearly isn’t what it used to be. UoM have dubbed the tower ‘tired’ and the block has suffered from dwindling popularity in the last few years.

The news has brought out mixed reactions from students.

Some students who will remember the tower fondly are preparing for an emotional goodbye.

Emma,  a second year Philosophy student told The Tab: “I lived in the tower last year and had the time of my life. “Some students love that tower so much – it wouldn’t surprise me if some students kick up a fuss and protest. R.I.P the tower”

Matt, a third year Maths student, was less sympathetic. He said: “It’s a really ugly building and it’s about time it was knocked down. “The rooms are pretty grim and no-one can actually complete the tower challenge. The novelty’s worn off.”

The tower’s fate will be decided soon when plans go out to public consultation.

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