“I’m a sex addict”

The Tab talks to Katie*, 19, who claims her sex addiction lead her to sleep with ‘7 guys in 7 days’

I have a disease. It probably won’t kill me, charities don’t raise money to find a cure from it but it is a disease nonetheless. I’m a sex addict. It’s weird saying it out loud, or hearing it used in conversation.

If anything, it’s a fairly fun addiction to have. I have a feeling that people reading this will think that ‘sex addict’ is just code word for ‘slut’ – but it goes beyond that.

I insist that guys wear protection

Before you ask, there’s nothing wrong with me. My parents are still together, and I spend time with my father regularly. I was never abused as a child, and I have never had an unhealthy attraction to a teacher. When I first came to uni, I wasn’t a virgin, but I was fairly innocent. The only person that I’d had sex with was my boyfriend, and we had split up before we both went off to uni to make it easier for us both.

It all started in freshers' week

It all started in freshers’ week

Freshers’ was a revelation for me. 7 guys in 7 days. I realised something: I am actually quite attractive, and this gives me power. More than anything else, I realised that I like sex. The feeling of making someone come apart at the seams in you, and the adrenaline of orgasm was beginning to get addictive for me. It was an amazing stress release, and it gave me confidence to go into a bar and pick someone up, no questions asked. I never want a relationship. I have a few people who have become regulars, but they’re last resorts if I can’t pick someone up that night. I’m safe: I’m on the Pill, and I always insist that guys wear condoms. I get tested every six months, and so far I haven’t got anything. I try not to ask questions.

I can't match up to this Tab favourite

I can’t match up to this Tab favourite

A few of the guys that I’ve been with have turned out to be married or in serious relationships for a long time, and it hasn’t really bothered me. The way I see it, if they want to cheat, they’ll do it with someone and that someone just happens to be me. All of my friends are in relationships now, and they always try and set me up with other friends. I just don’t want it. I have neither the time nor inclination to waste on someone that won’t put in the same amount of effort with me.

Sometimes I think about whether I can maintain this lifestyle away from uni. I don’t want to have a bad reputation in the working world, but as long as I maintain how discreet I am, I don’t really see a problem. The way I see it, everyone likes sex so, if anything, that will work to my advantage.

*The Tab has Katie’s name to protect her identity