BNOC of the Year 2014: Quizzy Lizzy

Quiz heartthrob Liz Mitchell takes top spot in BNOC challenge

The results are in, and the votes have been counted. We can now reveal that your BNOC of the Year in the girls’ category is Quizzy Lizzy!

Here’s the scientific breakdown:

Manchester Uni’s favourite Uni Challenge Quiz captain  will not only receive a swanky certificate, but will also be able to hold her head high in knowing she’s actually quite popular.

Liz bagged himself an impressive 231 votes – that’s a whopping 35.48% of the vote.


And the competition was bloody fierce. Coming in second place was Megan Rachel Taylor. She might have been a BNOC at Owens Park, but she didn’t quite make it as BNOC of the Year.


DJ, Thea Williams scooped up third place despite being the “Queen of Fallowfield”


Commiserations to Deepica Stephen and Zoe Phillips who also missed out to the big dawg, Quizzy Lizzy.