People who live in Manchester swear s**t loads

Experts reveal that we are swearing more than fucking ever

82% of people who live in Manchester think that swearing is more common to our vernacular nowadays than ever before.


A recent survey has shown that Mancunians don’t give a shit about swearing.

In fact, 88% of those asked in Manchester think we have become desensitised to hearing words that were once frowned upon.


It suggested that our ears no longer prick up on hearing certain words thanks to the number of them we are exposed to everyday.


Popular culture makes sufficient use of swear words, with ‘bad’ words cropping up all over the TV, most films and a wide variety of new music.

Even Pope Francis was caught slipping up on his language last month!

Holy fuck!

Holy fuck!

“[In language] words lose their meaning … We become desensitised to them over time.” Kersti Börjars, Professor of Linguistics at UoM, told Mancunian Matters.

She added that swearing is “about wanting to make a statement”.


And it seems that students of Manchester agree with this, with the occasional “fuck” “shit” and “wanker” rolling off the tongue without a second thought. These words are no longer offensive for the majority of young people.

Harriet Boland, a History student at UoM told The Tab: 

“We are much more casual regarding swear words nowadays, my lecturers aren’t the slightest bit reluctant to swear”.

Better get filling

Better get filling

“Shit isn’t even a bad word anymore!”

Even Urban Dictionary simply classes “shit” as “one of the most popular swear words”, with no recognition of the word’s detrimental meaning.


Although many of the negative, and perhaps provocative, connotations of swear words have passed, the function of releasing emotions through cursing still remains.