VOTE! BNOC of the year: The Girls

The nominations are in! And now it’s time for you to vote for your big name

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We wanted the trend-setting queens of Manchester – and here’s who you came up with.

Liz Mitchell, aka “Quizzy Lizzy”

“As you well know she’s the captain of this year’s University Challenge team and she is very popular (just search for her on Twitter).

“Also she is President of the PPE Society (busy girl) and if you’ve ever been out with her, you remember her dancing!

“At last years Beer fest she won the impromptu dance competition that was held, mainly thanks to her ability to do the splits.”


Zoe Phillips

“She’s the Chorley-born-and-bred Pharmacist who’s got the whole of Manchester in awe.

“This social butterfly flutters from President of Pharmacy Society by day, to serious side-stepping deep house monkey by night.

“Like a blonde angel you’ll see this Topshop clad diva sipping a skinny-latte on Blue 2, while dreaming of a life in Shoreditch, LDN.

“Want to get in her good books? Get her a SoCo and lemo and play her some Hot Since 82.

“If Zoe Phillips isn’t the definition of a BNOC, I don’t know what is.”

Deepica Stephen

“I nominate Deepica for UoM BNOC. She is the fittest Indian on campus and literally knows and is loved by everyone.

“I can’t even make it to the bread aisle when walking in with her to Sainsbury’s without her bumping into everyone because she is the best thing since sliced bread.

“She has everything, including the 4 S’s: Sports, Social, Science and of course, SASS! Vote Dee!”


Megan Rachael Taylor

“I’d like to nominate myself for BNOC of the year because I’m the biggest BNOC in Manchester.

“I understand me being nominated is unfair to the other candidates as they couldn’t possibly win but a newspaper such as yours would gain respect for being associated with my name.

“I’m the president of Owens Park, don’t act like you’re not impressed. I’m kind of a big deal.”


So who deserves the 2014 title?