House parties are better than nights out

As budgets get tighter towards the end of the term, more house parties are cropping up – and realistically, they’re better than typical nights out

The predominant attraction to house parties for students is obviously money. Because unfortunately, when you’re a student, money is a huge obstacle and you’ll get around it any way you can.

We like house parties because house parties are free (unless the hosts are scandalous and you’re stupid enough to pay). This is much more appealing than the outrageous £10 entry fees that many Manchester clubs are prepared to charge. When your loan has run out, it’s unlikely that you’ll be buying drinks on a night out as well, leaving you with a pretty sober night. But with a house party you can do the whole night on a fiver, with two bottles of a fine beverage from New Zealand wines.

Let's hope it's not corked

Let’s hope it’s not corked

We’ve all been there when the lights turn on and leave you feeling more than shitty on a night out. But unless you’re a try-hard edgy kid pickpocketing people out of their wavy garms and get kicked out, the only light you’ll see at a house party is the sun rising, for the best house party will continue indefinitely.

You don't even have to queue for the toilet

You don’t even have to queue for the toilet…

There’s obviously loads of decent venues to choose from in Manchester, however where better to spend your Saturday night than a terraced student house? We all love a an old house transformed into Noah’s ark, a dirty claustrophobic basement and bouncy castles inside (yes, some hosts are unbelievably imaginative… or just a bit too edgy).

A pretty edgy basement

A pretty edgy basement

For the lazier raver there’s always the advantage of being able to chill at a house party in between trips to the various music rooms to throw some dodecahedrons (- or shapes for the less hip of us). On a night out its rare that there’s a sufficient comfy corner to pass out in, and if there is, it’s likely that a very friendly bouncer will ask you to move on.


Finally, it’s more than likely that you will live closer to a house party than you do to Sankeys or Gorilla, meaning that it’s probably much more appealing as you can stumble back to your humble abode with no problem, reminiscent of the days of Red Rum.



Most house parties in Fallowfield also means there’s no reason not to get that delicious box of strips of Chicken King that has been playing on your mind all night

But of course, the problem with house parties is that there has to be hosts, and for the house party to be worth it, the hosts have to put in a decent amount of effort. They have to be prepared for something to go mysteriously missing and probably end up living in what looks like Copenhagen zoo after an animal stocktake. But look on the bright side- after cleaning up, the house may look cleaner than it has ever looked before…

Get to work

Get to work