Laptop looters strike library

Students’ laptops stolen from Green Ground, JRUL

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Laptops have been reported as stolen from the ground floor of JRUL’s Green area.

Watch out, there’s robbers about

It looks like thieves have found a new favourite place to steal from students at uni over the last week.

Green Ground seems to be library’s new pilfering playground, as security warn about laptops that have been stolen there.

A UoM student told The Tab that her boyfriend’s new Macbook Air was nicked from Green Ground on Wednesday evening.

“We’d both gone out for a cigarette and the laptops were unattended for less than 5 minutes”, she said.

“After speaking to security, we found out that the same thing had happened to someone last week in the same spot”.

Uni security also said that people may wait outside Green Ground’s windows, looking in for laptops that are unattended.

Please don’t take my stuff

Others who venture to Green Ground seem to keep their stuff safe from trouble… mostly.

“I’ve never had anything stolen, and I never leave my laptop on its own. It’d be a bit risky”, said Will Chambers, second year PPE student.

“But I do leave my case and charger sometimes though”.

Left lying around in Green Ground – wonder what’s in the bag…

Of course the advice is simple – don’t leave your expensive stuff lying around, even if you’re just nipping for a piss.

Or you could work on a higher floor of the library to keep away from the prying eyes from outside – may we suggest the safe but mainstream Blue 2?

Have you had anything nicked from Green Ground or anywhere else in the library? Let us know below.