BNOC of the year: Who is the biggest name in Manchester?

Nominations are now open! Tell us who you think should be Manchester’s BNOC of the year

We all know that person that you can’t walk to Sainsbury’s with because he has to stop to talk to everyone on the way, or that girl who you lose in a flood of fans on a night out.

These are the BNOCs of Manchester that we mingle with everyday, the heroes that finish tower challenge twice without breaking a sweat. We live in their shadows on a daily basis but the time has come where we must decide who is the ultimate BNOC.

If you know any LADS or LEGENDS that deserve this title be sure to nominate them for this glorious achievement. No BNOC should go under the radar, they must be put in the arena to fight for their right to this title.

The winner will recieve a much sought after BNOC of the year certificate plus join the famous Manchester alumni alongside Benedict Cumberbatch.

To be the BNOC of 2014 you must be:

  • Always talked about Monday through to Sunday
  • On every big night out and if it’s small, your presence makes it massive
  • A trend setter, Regina George style

To get the ball rolling, here are a few ideas:

You could nominate Quizzy Lizzy, the heartthrob of University Challenge.

Or will it be Owen Waldin, voted the hottest member of UMRFC – but does he have “that extra je ne sais quoi”?

Maybe Octavia Mania deserves a nomination for her eccentric fashion sense?

Marcus Okafor surely deserves a vote or two if only for putting on the best gunshow in town?

Or will it be The Tab‘s very own Ben Marshall, the 007 of tabloid journalism?

Send us a name, with a brief description of why you believe they are the perfect Manchester BNOC.

Nominations close on Monday 25th March, and voting will begin the following day.

To give us your candidate comment below, email [email protected] or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.