Submission shakes up the Manchester club scene

New club night celebrates its arrival in Manchester with a jaw-dropping launch party

Prepare to spend more Thursday nights out on the town, as Submission at Entourage is set to become the biggest student night of the week.


Last week’s launch party attracted hundreds of students to Printworks, with music provided by some of the finest student DJs in the city.

Those of you bored of hearing the same old rubbish at Manchester’s other big club nights will find the mix of tunes on offer here a breath of fresh air.

Playing only the best hip-hop and chart music

Playing only the best hip-hop and chart music

At just £2.50, double-vodka mixer was the weapon of choice for many club-goers, though Submission’s shot girls were also on hand with a constant supply of ridiculously cheap shots.

Despite this reviewer’s best attempts to get down on the dancefloor, our amateur moves were completely shown up by the professional dancers up on stage.

Dancers and shot girls? This isn't your standard Thursday night out...

Dancers and shot girls? This isn’t your standard Thursday night out…

Students who missed out first time round are advised to get themselves down to Entourage this Thursday to see what all the fuss is about.

We’ll see you there.

Submission style: our favourite launch party pics

Because real men buy pitchers

Camera’s over here girls…

Top work from the lads in the back of this one

You don’t have to be stylish to come here…but it helps

“Guys, on three, let’s all stick our tongues out…”

Can’t help but wonder if that’s just this guy’s normal face


Phew, it’s not…that’s a relief!

Fancy a dance girls?

Jeez, not this guy again…

Beginning to think he spent his whole night pulling faces in group pics…

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