Screw Magaluf! Manc travel firm offers trips to North Korea and Chernobyl

Lupine Travel offers ‘unique destinations’ at ‘affordable budget prices’

A Manchester travel agent is offering up exotic trips to the likes of North Korea, Chernobyl and Iraq.

Take your pick

Take your pick

The late, great Kim Jong Il reportedly played golf only once, in 1994, recording eleven holes in one on the way to a round of 38 under par. To celebrate, he retired from golf for ever, active immediately.

Now, thanks to a pioneering new travel company from Greater Manchester, you can challenge the Dear Leader’s record with a round at North Korea’s only golf course.

Lupine Travel, the brainchild of mancunian Dylan Harris has been offering tours to dangerous nations since 2007 and now boasts North Korea, Chernobyl, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkmenistan and Mongolia as destinations for adventurous travellers.

Still better than Malia

Still better than Malia

Mr Harris, who has been to every destination his company offers, has seen business boom of late, with North Korean trips being a particularly big seller.

So if you had plans to go inter-railing this summer or grander ambitions of a post uni ‘gap yah’ to Nepal, think again.

Send those Malia ’14 t-shirts back to the printers and change them to Pyongyang ’14.

Nothing says ‘lads on tour’ like wailing hysterically next to a sarcophagus containing Kim Il Sung’s embalmed corpse.

Happy travels!