How to get fit this semester #2: The Armitage

Jumping on the fitness train, all the way to the Armitage

This week I tried out two classes at the Armitage centre in Fallowfield. If you don’t know where it is, you can’t call yourself a proper student. It’s the place where all the hot athletes congregate and get sweaty.

The first class I tried out was Pilates – something I’ve never done before. For some reason, it looks as though not many other people are particularly interested, as only four other people turned up. However, it turned out to be a pretty good class, even if the mats did smell like feet.



Difficulty level: It was fairly basic, I didn’t really feel to pushed throughout the class. It was a bit like yoga crossed with very slow legs bums and tums.

Just stretchin'

Just stretchin’

Music: There was some fantastic Japanese warbling and ambient rivers on the sound system, in harmony with the noise of an aerobics class pounding the floor above us.

Just liftin'

Just liftin’

Teacher: The teacher, Karen, was really knowledgeable and explained all the muscles that were being worked by the different positions as we went through them.  

Karen working the camera

Karen working the camera

Price: For £3.30 you can’t really complain.

The second class I tried was a Zumba class. After last week’s shock, I felt more mentally prepared this time, and it turned out I actually remembered some of the moves; apparently there is set Zumba songs and moves which are transferable from class to class.

Difficulty: This class was way more accessible than the last one because although the teacher had the disposition of an army sergeant, she explained the moves a lot better, with pointing and mouthing throughout. Also you have to anticipate when someone is going to randomly shout out “ZUMBA” so you don’t lose your rhythm in shock.

Music: Really appreciated the Beyoncé ‘XO’ to cool down to. That was a treat. Otherwise it was all merengue remixes of chart songs, which I think are better than the originals.

Teacher: Jo was the most energetic teacher I’ve had in a fitness class to date. I think she was sweating more than me. She was militant with her moves though, every one was done perfectly and she did them all with the class which I appreciated.

Jo keeping it cool with the hand on hip

Jo keeping it cool with the hand on hip

Price: £3.30 well spent