Student fights off wannabe-mugger

Knife attacker knocked to the ground at Oxford Road cash machine

attacking bank knife Manchester mugging Oxford Road robber student thief University

A Manchester student showed who was boss when a thug tried to mug him on Monday night.

While drawing out cash at the Barclays on Oxford Road, the yob approached the 18-year-old student with a knife.

Don’t try mugging here – it’ll only end in tears

He demanded that the teen hand over money from his account, but the victim was in no mood for bullshit.

In true superhero style, the student knocked his attacker to the ground before any money was nicked.

The robber then scrambled up and legged it towards the curry mile –  he’s described as a stocky black man in his 20s.

Maybe he’ll think twice before starting on another Manc student.

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