How to get fit this semester

Amelie’s on a mission to get fit the fun way – The Tab tries the best fitness classes in Manchester

Second semester is fully underway, and for some of us, that means fitness may have taken a back seat in our priorities. In Manchester, we are lucky to have so many gyms that have student friendly prices and offer such a wide range of fitness classes, so I’ve taken it upon myself to review some of the most popular classes around town.

Zumba at the Sugden Sports Centre

To say I’m awful at dancing may be a small exaggeration, but only a small one. I wasn’t prepared for how much of a workout it would be, I thought we’d just be salsa-ing about for an hour or so. How wrong I was.

Difficulty level: The moves weren’t explained; you just had to try your best to copy the teacher who is quite possibly a professional dancer. I am not a professional dancer, and from one session I think it’s quite clear I never will be.

Teacher: Natalie was great, she looked fantastic doing all the crazy dance moves and had a lot of sass, kicking out some latecomers half-way through who were trying to sneak into the class. Don’t mess with Nat.

Nat striking a sassy pose

Nat striking a sassy pose

Music: I was expecting purely salsa, but we had some modern-day Latin music, some Elvis Presley-esque remix and at the end did a cool-down to remix of the Lion King ft. Bruno Mars.

Price: £3.30

Iyengar Yoga – Be Active programme

Iyengar Yoga is all about developing strength, mobility and stability, with the emphasis being on posture and breathing. I started the class having only done a few yoga classes here and there, and the teacher was really helpful, talking through the moves but keeping it moving so you weren’t left in a taxing stretch for too long.

Namaste ;)

Namaste 😉

Difficulty level: This class is accessible for pretty much anyone who wants to try their hand at yoga, but hopefully it will get more tough as the weeks go on.

Teacher: Clare Tunstall is great; she makes everyone feel immediately comfortable and has a personable, friendly air.

Clare showing off her flexiblity

Clare showing off her flexiblity

Studio: The classes are held in the Wellbeing rooms in the Sackville Street building, which is really easy to get to in-between or just after lectures.

Price: £33.50 for 8 weeks, which works out as about £4 per session. Not the cheapest Yoga class, but it’s worth spending more to progress over a series of weeks.