Quizzy Lizzy: Uni Challenge heartthrob dishes the dirt

Captain charmer Liz Mitchell chats to The Tab

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Liz Mitchell is the quizzing queen of Manchester whose prowess hasn’t gone unnoticed.

We caught up with absolute fox ‘Quiz’ Mitchell – the notorious captain of our University Challenge team.

Foxy lady

But before we dissect the books and brains of Liz, it might be worth noting that her appeal extends far beyond just this. Not only does the lusty literature lover, Frankie, hail Liz as “a right old bloody saucepot” (whatever he means by that) her fan-base spreads to the Business school with randy economist Tom Hargreaves saying “she’s the sort of babe I’ve been hunting for on Tinder.”

Liz the vixen is melting the hearts of Manchester students and University Challenge watchers everywhere she goes.


The past two years have seen the University of Manchester claim the bragging rights of the University Challenge championship twice, and now Quizzy Lizzy the PPE-studying dreamboat is driving this year’s Uni Challenge team towards a hat-trick.

If the team can successfully sail through Southampton on 10th March, it will be on to the semi-final for Manchester.

PPE – we all know what that means

And lucky enough to be joining Liz on the panel in the Manchester-based studio are three other Manc students.

Jonathan Collings, from Manchester, keeps the team going with his cunning wisdom in Geography.

Edward Woudhuysen, from the capital, provides the historical knowledge needed to maintain the team’s high-scoring standards.

Beach boy Joe Day, from Devon, has shown moments of excellence reminiscent of Geim and Novoselov with some admirable knowledge in Physics (these two won the Nobel Prize for physics in 2010 working with the University of Manchester).

Quizzie Rascals

Out with the team

And, last but certainly not least, is none other than captain charmer Elizabeth Mitchell, from Birmingham, covering Politics, Philosophy and Economics.

So, with the team’s efforts on the panel receiving due credit, I felt it important to have a quick catch up with the heartthrob and the talk of the town.

Getting her head in the game

First and foremost, we all want to know what the big dog Paxman’s like in the flesh. The host is known across the country for his bitter rebukes of many a trembling student but lovely Liz has sung his praises.

“Jeremy seems like lovely man – very different from the bullish ‘Newsnight’ persona!”

“Before every match, he talks to the teams and he spends time in the green room with you after. He really tries to put you at your ease in what’s a nerve-racking situation.

“However, his quips when you get an answer wrong really do put you in your place.

Working hard for the next challenge

For Liz, this brushing of the shoulders with a nationally recognised broadcaster is something that comes naturally. Even though she’s battling it out, she appears on the screen both elegant and cool under the pressure of Paxy. The team’s feeling confident – and rightly so.

“We’ve got through to the third quarter final (which will be against Southampton on Monday 10th March).

“As a best of three system, we have to win this match to proceed onto the semi-finals. I’m wary of counting chickens before they hatch but fingers crossed we’ll do okay!”

Shining beacon of hope

But the pressure’s on for the leading lady and the rest of the team.

“Although there is a bit of pressure as every Manchester team for the past few years has reached the semi-finals, the previous years’ teams and Stephen (the coach) are really supportive so we don’t feel the pressure from them in the slightest.

“At the end of the day, it’s the taking part that counts.”


Liz left stating that “it would be really nice if we could make it three in a row – we’d be the first university to do so” and was feeling confident.

So, keep your eyes on the short-haired brunette who’s quick to buzz on the screen.