Manchester is dead, long live Manchester

Below the Surface MCR are bringing the city back to its roots.


Manchester is dead. 

Physically, the city still lives on. Traffic builds on the Curry Mile, the rain falls ceaselessly, girls in heels vomit in Piccadilly gardens day in, day out.

But the Manchester we came here for, raised to believe in a gritty Northern city of music and mayhem, is gone. Inspired, energised youth launching a scene; New Order, The Smiths, The Stone Roses. Factory Records and Hacienda, Acid House, a fresh start free from homogeneous commercial bullshit. The Festival of the Tenth Summer, a city living off pills and sounds and individuality.


Now, we cling to the ashes of Mad Manchester by paying through the nose for the illusion of underground, independent clubs, with excessive queues and DJs who have already graced the cover of MixMag twice. This is not new, undiscovered talent making a mark – this is a cold, money-making business with a monopoly on music and professional PR teams.

Meanwhile, Hacienda has been turned into an apartment block and Morrissey is too busy insisting that Penguin Classics publish his autobiography to be concerned about any youthful misanthropy.


This is not why we chose this city. It’s time to bring it back to its roots.

Opening with two intimate pre-launch nights at South on the 12th of March and 2nd of April, Below The Surface MCR are launching a series of special events at a centrally located warehouse complex. Expect a relaxed, independent vibe, cheap drinks and a showcase of budding House and Techno DJs.

BTS have confirmed a number of very exciting bookings, which will be released in the next few weeks. In the meantime, check out their soundcloud for some resident mixes from DJS such as Joe Fletcher, Joe Dowley, Kosey and Jandu.


The party starts on the 12th of March. Long live Manchester.

Tickets for the BTS 001 Pre Launch at South are on sale here.