Cheese on your chips? Kebab King’s Paz serves up his Valentine’s tips

What will Fallowfield’s favourite man be doing this Valentine’s Day?

He’s the Fallowfield legend that will steal a pizza your heart. And now he’s lettuce catch up with his romantic side.

Paz 3

Do you have any special plans for Valentines Day?

I’m going to be in Kebab King, no plans right now.

Paz 1

What is your dream valentine date?

As kebab king revolves around my life, I think it will be like reserve Kebab King, get the table out, dim the lights and get the big screen on

What would you have on the screen?

Some romantic movie, Titanic would be a favourite but my personal choice is Sleepless is Seattle because it is a long distance type of thing

Paz 2

Is there a special someone?

There is a special someone but I cant be giving names. She is far away in Kashmir.

How did you meet?

Whilst I was abroad over Christmas, introduced by someone, it went very well, so much so I was away from kebab king for 4 weeks and I actually lived with her.

What would you get her?

Ideal gift would be red roses, to be honest just right now I’ve been trying to get in touch with her…but I can’t.


So if you had a table set up in here and Sleepless in Seattle on the big screen what else would you be doing?
What food would you serve?

It would be a candle lit dinner in kebab king, with the lights dimmed down, and obviously I would be cooking, I’d be the main cook, something spicy and hot. I’m speechless right at the moment because it’s a long distant thing, I’m always on the phone, that’s about it.  I have no plans and its Fallowfield I cant get up and go

Paz 4

Do you have a favourite Valentines past? Have you received a Valentine’s gift before?

Yes! I have received flowers and cards. Literally students come in here with roses and throw them at me, well in the days. I feel like an old age pensioner now, I’ve been here over 18 years now.

So your Valentines have always been the students?

Yeah  I couldn’t keep away, they are the true loves of my life to be honest with you.

Long live the Kebab King

Paz has named his co-worker Zubair as the next kebab king, telling The Tab that he used to be a heart throb back in the day. You still are Paz, you still are.