Ded Rum: Fallowfield’s favourite dive forced to shut its doors

Council slams the basement doors shut after a series of attacks

Red Rum has sadly shut its doors after a series of attacks at the legendary basement.

Edgy filter for an edgy club

The harsh decision comes after Red Rum staff failed to attend to four victims of assault on their premises over the last 12 months – and now Manchester City Council have stripped them of their license.

Thanks to a number of fights around the basement club, it was brought to the attention of the authorities that Red Rum was doing nothing to prevent or stop violence.

Now, the council have slammed the club after the victims of these incidents were left to fend for themselves as the staff of the club looked on without calling police or ambulance services.

Always a trusty line up

It may have been an easy local favourite for student residents of Fallowfield, but it looked like Red Rum was managed about as badly as an isolated hotel in a Steven King novel.

And so the news of Red Rum’s closure will certainly have a mixed effect on the various people acquainted with its subterranean existence.

Those closest to it (physically, not emotionally) will undoubtedly feel as though a pestilent bug has just been squashed. These individuals consist largely of local (non-student) residents who can no longer appreciate the quality service the club provides, seeing it simply as a noisy neighbour – attracting students like flies on shit.

But the axing of this local convenience has not been greeted with such open arms by all the locals –  the overwhelming majority of students that put Fallowfield on the map will be lamenting this loss for some time.

One Manchester second year told The Tab: “Having Red Rum less than a five minute walk away was perfect. It meant there was always somewhere to have a night out. Gutted that it’s shut.”

And in the words of Tommy Hilton, another Manchester second year and admitted Red Rum devotee: “This is a tragic day in the history of mankind.”

Some of the attacks happened outside the club

Sure, this may be a slight exaggeration, but it’s certainly up there.

Jokes aside, let’s take a moment to consider the reasons why this little brown doorway was such a hit with its fans.

Locality: On those days when you fancy going out but can’t be bothered to deal with that trip down Curry Mile, nine times out of 10 you would find yourself ending up in Red Rum. Whether you’re coming from the Owens Park region or the Withington direction, that walk was never too long.

Expense: If you didn’t want to throw money away on a cab fare or ticket to a night happening outside the borders of Fallowfield – Red Rum was the answer. Entry was usually free and if not, what’s £2 when you’ve got a Student Loan? Once you’re in, an accordingly cheap menu of drinks was waiting for you at the bottom of the stairs. Who cares where the Red Rum shot and lager was made? And who cares what’s in it? It’s cheap and I’m pretty sure it contained alcohol.

Quality: Whether you go to the club with high expectations or low, more often than not it would be an enjoyable night. Crammed into the cellar with low ceilings, loud music and numerous places to chill, Red Rum could accommodate for all.


For now, we must offer our condolences to Dr Jajoo (the bereft club owner) and wish him well. He has the ability to appeal against this harsh decision and sources can confirm that he plans to do so.

So, if you want to show your own personal support, get on the Facebook page and take part in the poll to save the life of his beloved venue.