Teenager banged up for trying to shift ecstasy at WHP

Teen convicted of selling ecstasy from a sunglasses case at the notoriously drug-fuelled rave

A teenager has been jailed for attempting to shift ecstasy at The Warehouse Project.

The culprit: Jack Hilton

The culprit: Jack Hilton

It’s been a controversial few months for WHP – the opening months have seen several embarrassing drug scandals.

Now, a teenager has found himself sentenced to 30 months behind bars after trying to make ‘a bit of extra cash’ by dealing the class A drug at the legendary rave.

Jack Hilton, a 19-year-old apprentice, was looking to make a bit of extra beer money by trying to shift 24 ecstasy pills at a tenner each.


The popular rave has seen several drug scandals this season

But it didn’t exactly go well for him – staff at WHP soon figured out what was going on, and chucked him out before he managed to offload all of the pills.

And when he was searched, staff a found a sunglasses case containing a whopping £240 stash of ecstasy. The 50 quid he’d already reigned in was also found, since he’d already managed to sell a few tablets at a tenner a pop.

Victoria Warehouse

Victoria Warehouse: the scene of the crime

Now he’s said to be seriously regretting the risky stunt – according to his defense lawyer, Caroline Patrick, he’s shown ‘genuine remorse’ for his crimes since pleading guilty as early as possible.

The judge sentenced him to 30 months behind bars in a young offender’s institution.

As he sentenced Hilton, he talked about the dangers of attempting to deal drugs in this well known hotspot, saying:

“The Warehouse Project attracts people from all over the country. You have been there before and you have seen other people sell ecstasy tablets. And having seen people selling and go undetected you thought you would have a go yourself to make some money. Anyone who goes into a club like this must expect a custodial sentence.”