Oxbridge eat your heart out: top employers prefer Manchester students

It’s true – Manchester are the second most sought after students by top employers


We’re better than Oxbridge (and everyone else), or at least employers think so – as Manchester students are the second most targeted students by employers.

Barclays trying to win us over

And we’ve only narrowly missed out on the top spot, with Nottingham students being the only students more in demand than us.

High Fliers Research found the top five universities targeted by the largest number of leading graduate employers are: Nottingham, Manchester, Cambridge, Oxford and Bristol.

Maybe it’s because we’re such hard workers

We might not be at the top of pretentious university rankings but at least we might actually get a job. Somewhat ironically, in The Times & Sunday Times Good University Guide 2014, Cambridge and Oxford are ranked in 1st and 2nd place but Manchester, is ranked 26th.

We’re employable – a cause for celebration

And it’s the big dogs that are after us – top employers include Google, Microsoft and Coca-Cola. The accounting and professional service sector targets the most universities, 23 in total while Banking and Finance only target 18 – but don’t worry, as second favourites, Manchester sits comfortably in both.

Some might even say we work too hard

So it’s great news for graduating students. Lochy Macpherson, a 3rd year PPE student told The Tab: “traditional universities have recently been surviving off historical reputation alone, as more and more people see this, Manchester is increasingly seen as one of the best options for recruiters looking to hire motivated and competent students.”

It looks like in England’s rainiest city, the future is bright.