Manchester student takes the fashion blogging scene by storm

The Tab meets the Manchester student behind Hannah Louise Fashion.

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We chatted to Manchester Uni’s very own rising star Hannah Louise Farrington.

Manchester student Hannah set up her fashion blog, Hannah Louise Fashion, in 2011. Since then she has been featured by brands including Motel and Missguided. The Tab caught up with Hannah to ask about her blog, and pick up some tips!


What motivated you to start blogging?

‘Setting up a blog seemed like a fairly natural step for me, I had always been fairly active online and had always loved clothes, plus I had already been documenting my outfits through prior to starting my blog.’

And what would you say are your style influences?

I think that my style influences come from all different places. I never actively seek out inspiration. I sometimes come across something like a store’s lookbook, a blog post, an ‘#ootd’ on Instagram or something I see someone wearing on the street and draw inspiration from there by replicating elements I like in my own way.

Hannah has been featured by Motel

Hannah has been featured by Motel

We’ve noticed that you’ve collaborated on posts with brands like Motel and Missguided, which must be exciting! Could you tell us some more about that?

I’m lucky enough to have had the chance to work with a lot of brands, both big and small, through my blog as it has grown. Missguided and Motel are two of my favourite brands that I’ve worked with – in both cases the brands send me their products so that I can blog about them. It’s a win-win situation, I get amazing clothes and they get advertising and sales via my blog, plus working with worldwide retailers like them is a really great experience. I also occasionally get featured on the websites of brands I work with, which is always a bonus!

Hannah's collaboration with Missguided

Hannah’s collaboration with Missguided

And finally, the big question… how do you manage to run a fashion blog on a student budget?!

You really don’t need a big budget in order to be a successful blogger! If anything I think it is preferable to be shopping on a budget – I think that most of my readers are on a budget too, so if I dressed very expensively many of them would lose interest. When starting up you have your entire wardrobe to create outfits that your readers haven’t seen before, and I think that a lot of people appreciate a blogger who can show them how to wear the same piece in a few different ways.

With regards to buying, eBay is great of course, but there are so many online retailers whose target audience is living on a student budget and so their prices reflect this – Missguided being a great example! Student discounts are also a godsend – I always check whether any discounts are available before buying, and you can’t go wrong with Primark either. Although I do get a lot of freebies now, that definitely wasn’t the case when I started blogging and of course I still spend (too much of) my own money on clothes and shoes, so blogging on a budget is definitely possible!

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