A fiery battle at the first official UoM MUN

MUN Society host first ever MUN in Manchester and things get a little heated up.

It all kicked off this Saturday at Manchester’s first MUN of the year with USA delegate being slammed as a “bouncer at a nightclub”.


Tension rising: USA represented by Chris Boudin

The Syria versus USA debate was never going to be easy breezy, but Syria sneered his way to victory in one of the most heated debates MUN has ever seen.

And it really was a table-banging, hand-clapping, mouth-whistling scenario fit for a big screen.


It all started off nice and slow until the first draft resolution was made by USA, UK and Turkey. Syria, DPRK and Kyrgyzstan took the other way around and created their own resolution and to back it up, they emerged with a cold war.

But when Syria dubbed the USA as “bouncer at a night club”, a fiery one-on-one between the two ensued. Although, the delegate of USA pulled out all the stops to defend himself, Syria was always one step ahead of him.

And Syria wasn’t alone in the race, he had numbers on his side, being backed on by the many other eager delegates at the event.


The UoM MUN Committee

If you can take the heat, UoM MUN are looking for keen debaters to take part in their weekly meetings and join them for a bigger and better event next year. For more info, join their Facebook group.