10 things you’ll only get if you live in Fallowfield

If you understand all of these, you’re in too deep.

If you’re a student in Manchester, odds are you live in Fallowfield. Great for your social life, not so great for your degree. Whether it’s struggling to enjoy a date or being on first name terms with your local kebab shop owner, here are 10 signs you know you’re a student in Fallowfield.

Your life depends on you not misplacing your Unirider


You’ve fallen for the urban legend that Sainsbury’s is too expensive


You’ve had an in depth conversation with Crazy Bus Lady and still not understood what on earth is going on


You’ve spent at least one Saturday night shaking your thang in Baa Bar… and regretted it every time


The wheel of shame

If you’re one of the brave few who choose to walk to campus, the Curry Mile greets you every morning with a heady mixture of vomit and (funnily enough) curry

curry mile

You’re on first name terms with Paz

picture 7

You’ve endured an awkward date at Font after discovering the music is too loud to allow any kind of conversation


Ditto The Ram (RIP Ram and Shacks)


You’ve tried and failed to get an appointment at Bodey


You’ve paid a much heavier price than the actual cost of New Zealand Wines own-brand