Top 5 places to nap on campus

Need a quick power nap to recharge before afternoon lectures? Catch a quick snooze in one of these top napping locations on campus.

As students, we become increasingly nocturnal creatures and as such, we need to catch up on our beauty sleep by napping during the day. Going to and fro from uni just for a nap however seems like a waste of time especially considering if you do go home and the chances are you won’t make it back to uni for your afternoon lectures.

So, we set out on a mission to discover the best napping spots on campus and whittled it down to the top 5.

5. University Place Atrium


Fairly quiet with comfortable sofas, the atrium in university place is not a very well-known location. This makes it easy to find a chair to easily curl up and fall asleep in, or even better stretch out on a sofa for ultimate relaxation time.

Downside: anyone standing in the corridors of the higher floors on university place can stare down at you while you sleep making you feel a little self-conscious.

4. St. Peter’s House


A sleepy atmosphere

Most students studying a language will be very familiar with the St Peter’s House Church and Chaplaincy. With the low lighting and warm temperature, it’s the perfect place to settle down for a nap during an hour lecture.

Downside: sleeping in lectures is not really recommended.

3. Biko’s Cafe

Taking advantage of the SU

Taking advantage of the SU

Instead of paying money for a coffee, just sit yourself down in one of the armchairs and let yourself drift off into sleep lulled by the sound of chattering and chinking of glasses.

Downside: You may not get away with sitting down without some kind of drink/food in hand.

2. Library


Shh, I’m sleeping…

The library – surrounded by books and silence apart from the odd whisper. After an intense study session surely everyone can admit to putting their head down on the desk for a little snooze?

Downside: it’s not the most comfortable place to sleep, but hey, sleep is sleep.

1. Ali G

learning commons

AKA Napping Commons

Albert Gilbert Learning Commons: the top spot for napping on campus. You will often see those rare creatures of the night, the medics, sprawled out across the sofas. If you get there at the right time and bag yourself a sofa or even better a booth, you can have a very comfortable power nap without being disturbed at all.

Downside: Seriously subject to availability