Meet the AU Captains

The AU captains tell us why their team is the best at uni


With the new academic term well underway, The Tab meets this year’s sporting captains for the low down on the year ahead.

Now the old guard have dusted off their boots and the fresh talent have showcased their ability, it’s time for another prosperous and exciting season of University sport. We lined up and tackled a few of our honourable leaders to bag an insight into their thoughts and aspirations on the coming year.

Cricket – Tom Atkinson

tom at

Tom Atkinson, £rd Year Economics student


Carrying the team with my middle order big hitting and outrageous military medium left arm bowling

What makes you the best sports team at Uni?

We’re unrivalled in size with 7 teams. The numbers speak for themselves

What is the funniest moment from last season/tour?

After the rain and the runs (not with the bat!) on tour, realising after 2 weeks in the country that we were staying in the gay capital of Sri Lanka and being hugely relieved we weren’t responsible for driving the ladies away

Who is the one to look out for in your club (and why?)

Dickson Lau. The little Malay is a man of many talents. 9 pints in 2 minutes, sings like an angel and an all round showman. Alas his talents have yet to emerge on the cricket field

Football – Guy Ansah-Palmer 

guy palmer

Guy Ansah-Palmer, 4th Year Medic


Right back, although I have been playing striker so far this season

What makes you the best sports team at Uni?

We compete in the highest leagues for our respective teams. The 1s were in the northern premier league for two seasons and we’re definite challengers to win this league

What is the funniest moment from last season/tour?

End of year old boys dinner. Speeches, 3 course meal, guest speaker, all club members old and current and coaches at the palace hotel. The whole night is quality and we all head out to deansgate afterwards to continue the party with the netball club. Oo-er.

Who is the one to look out for in your club (and why?)

The three new freshers in the squad: Australian centre back Sam Jowett, Isaac Carter-Allen and Sam Boylan are all players to keep your eye on.

Golf – James Reed

james reed

James Reed, 3rd Year Business and Sociology



Why are you the best sports team at uni?

We’ve got Will Endersby who has never been turned down by a girl, ever (apparently)

What is the funniest moment from last season/tour?

We had away fixture at Liverpool – the traffic was bad, and with a crate of beers to get through the toilet stops we’re inevitable. As the driver was refusing the pull over we had to take it in turns to jump out relieve ourselves on the hard shoulder then run a catch up with bus – hoping that it hadn’t moved too far

Who is the one to look out for in your club?

Ben Brewer is pretty handy he’s not lost a league match in his first 2 years and remains unbeaten this year. Newly single, he’s likely to be prowling the Fallowfield/Withington areas in the early hours of the morning ladies


Lacrosse – Linnea Freear


Linnea Freear, 3rd Year Physicist


Midfield general

What makes you the best team at Uni?

Ermm we’re all ambidextrous (think about it), have shorter skirts than netball and better chat than squash (know your place when in a curry house with us)

Funniest moment from last season/tour?

Driving all the way to Edinburgh, losing, and driving all the way back. Yeah that was hilarious, I love losing.

 Who is the one to watch out for in the club?

Louisa “dark horse” Boyle when she makes a return in January

Rugby – Claire Shutler


Claire Shutler, 3rd Year Biomedical Science


Scrum Half

What makes you the best team at Uni?

Because we play the best sport! And let’s be fair, our nights out are legendary…

Funniest moment from last season/tour?

That’s a tough one. There are countless amazing stories, from wheeling a fresher home in a dustbin to dancing on the tables at AU ball. One of my favourite moments was watching one of the girls enter a bush tucker trial. The first round was dog food, and she failed miserably. And tour is another thing all together…

Who is the one to watch out for in your club?

We had a really good recruitment drive this year and picked up a lot of freshers. I’d be keeping an eye on our 15 and our 7, you won’t want to miss them

Hockey – Eve Taylor-Cox


Eve Taylor-Cox, 2nd Year Biology


Full back/Centre Defense

What makes you the best team at Uni?

We have over 100 girls in our club and everyone knows our socials are notoriously messy! Not only do we have the best nights out but we play at the highest level of our sport possible. The 1st XI is in the Premier league and the 2nd team is in the second highest league.

Funniest moment from last season/tour?

Any night when port challenge occurs chaos is bound to follow! As far as tour goes… getting asked to leave the tournament was definitely a moment to remember for the club!

Who is the one to watch out for in the club?

Tarmeet Grewal. She is constantly in a drunken state or hungover! Brings the banter, such a laugh and a great part of the club