Don’t be the Lame Mo

Pick your Movember ‘tache from the Tab’s top styles

It’s that time of year where the boys do their bit for charity. Don’t be a lame mo this year, take on a moustache challenge – girls will rate the effort. Whatever you do, be bold.

The Monkey Tail

More like a face worm.

The French Detective

A real classic.

XXL Handlebars

Lookin’ fly.

The Batman

A Tab favourite.

Anything more commendable than a ‘tache on your face? A ‘tache on another body part. For freshers (or third years) who still can’t grow facial hair (and no neck stubble does not count) you might want to consider one of the following alternatives:



The Chest

If you can’t grow a moustache this next one might be optimistic, maybe stick to the excuse that your part-time job won’t let you grow one.

A chesty surprise.