Cheap, Fast Halloween Costumes

Skint and lazy? Get creative with our budget costume ideas.

costume halloween

Don’t fancy a trip to Luvyababes? The Tab gives you a rundown of the cheapest and quickest Halloween outfits. Guaranteed to take you less than 5 minutes. You too can look this good. 

The Skeleton

1 bin bag, 1 roll of masking tape. Cut head and arm-holes in your bin bag, and then stick down your masking tape in a skeleton shape.


A real bag of bones

The “Cereal” Killer

Cheerios or Weetabix, take your pick. Poke a few holes and you’re good to go!


Scarily funny.

The Mummy

Fast and simple, and doesn’t even require a trip to the shops. Cover yourself in loo roll and use fake blood or ketchup for added effect. An absolute classic.


A guaranteed hit with the ladies.